Unfortunately we have to source our primary ingredients (Organic Raw sugar & Organic Green tea) from overseas. This is because they are not grown in commercial quantities in Australia but all of our ingredients have been certified by Australian Certified Organic.   Our flavours however, are 100% Australian grown.


is used as the antioxidant levels are very high.

During the ferment there is no loss of the benefits of the tea as the Kombucha consumes only the nitrogen & caffeine from the tea leaves.


The brew is sweetened with Organic Fermented Glucose (which cannot be metabolised) & the flavour is added.

All flavours are in the form of an essence & have been approved by Australian Certified Organic.  

Carbohydrate is the starch from the culture.

Organic raw sugar is consumed during the fermenting process.

A Perfect Kombucha Culture 

We use a proprietary developed culture which produces the best Kombucha every time. 

Health Benefits:

• Sugar Free
• Raw Organic Ingredients
• Low in Calories
• Low GI
• Preservative Free
• Lactose Free
• GMO Free
• Gluten Free
• Vegan Friendly

Our Kombucha is a living SuperFood with Active Enzymes and is 


  • sugar
  • fat
  • preservatives
  • lactose
  • gluten
  • gmo


Servings per package: 1
Serving size: 350ml

                      AVG QTY                 AVG QTY
                      per serve                  per 100ml

Energy               105kj                         30kj
Protein                0.0g                         0.0g
Fat,Total              0.0g                         0.0g
Carbohydrates    5.0g                         1.5g
Sugars                   0                               0
Sodium                17.5mg                    5.0mg